I missed the connection while playing...

Most games allow the player back to the game again immediately, in case of missing connection. Meanwhile, you will be replaced by a robot .
The possible causes for losing connection while playing are diverse and complex as well as internet is. Some of the possible causes are:
You are lagging (the communication with the server is very slow). If you are lagging, the server can kick you due to inactivity.
    Your connection has been cut off. That is usual on very slow or poor-quality connections.
    Your connection bandwidth is saturated because of other downloads and there is no flow in the communication with the server. Also check how to improve the performance of the games
    On some occasions, it is possible that it be indicated that one of the servers is inactive due to maintainance causes or any technical problems. Wait for some minutes and press the button reconnect. If you are not able to connect, try changing the game, since the games are distributed throughout different servers.

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